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As you'd know, you can find Audino in shaking grass. However, this question isn't related to that, and instead wondering if you feel a little bad for hurting Audino? It gives you a lot of HP, and when it's at a higher level, uses Heal Pulse, which heals your HP. It also has the nurse role, meaning it wants to "help" you and when you attack it... yeah.

I dunno, I feel bad when hurting Audino, especially after it uses Heal Pulse, anyone else feel the same? XD Or does hurting Audino have no effect upon you whatsoever? Just kinda curious what you guys think. And if you haven't run into Audino, then there's no point to you posting, unless you know whether you'd feel bad or not. :(

And yes I'm aware that this is a Pokemon, but still, it's possible for you to feel a little guilty.