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OKay, I admit, I don't get half of what Tommy said. XD However, I picked up a couple things here and there and realized he's retelling what happened so far in the story. He could have been less drunk, though, LOL. A few of my favorite parts:

Lotsa music and salsas snsd quack smacks simons buts evesn wisth wins afromanny escapee.
Okay, I get what he's referencing and yes, awesome afromanny battle there, especially with the can-can dance. XD

Tommy went a saddy buts he stills hases spinnnnyddddaaaa.
Yeah Tommy boy, lay off the Spindas. @[email protected]

Lotsa mors winss so baddys runs flys farss buts puntsables yelllso pikas throwns at thems.
This one I get too and haha, gotta love the Pikachus.

Tommys carries wes to places of kidneys whos all helps and trys to helps others tii withs infos.
So kindeys are beings with feelings too? Nice.

Yeah, not much to say but that I think you better hide that drink before he comes get it.