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    In this land, youngster, there is an old story told by the elder people in the cities and towns. Long ago, a couple of centuries before we inhabited this land, the Gravinters lived here. The Gravinters were intelligent people, and possesed skills no-one else had around that time. Some of them even had magical powers, and everything in the Gravinter Lands was futuristic. Some say the Gravinters were partly Pokemon. The Lands were ruled by the three most intelligent people in the country: the Magisters. The Magisters were unbelievably smart and really curious. The land was even more futuristic than it is now.

    The skill of the Gravinters, however, became lost forever, on that single, black day, five centuries ago...

    In 2008, I started "creating" Pokémon Fan-games. I was a beginning Rom-Hacker back then, practising with various aspects of editing the rom, from mapping to scripting. After 2 years of practise, I started my first "real" project, Pokémon FireRed 2: The Next Chapter. I got a big-enough fanbase back then, and I had enough motivation, to continue the project. I was convinced that one day, one day the hack would be completed. But, due to unforeseen circumstances, the first beta wasn't ever reached. A bug sortof "destroyed" the ROM, and I didn't have a clue on how to fix it. I took a break.

    During that break, while doing my "DIR (Daily Internet Routine)", my eyes fell on a fangame, the not-so-unknown-fangame called Blue Chrome. It had many awesome features (I admit, in my opinion, some of the features are pointless, but the fact they are included says something about the skill of the scripter, and, it's possible, so why not?), I never thought were possible. It really drawed my attention, and I fell in love with the software needed to create this kind of games. RPG Maker XP.

    I practised a few months with RPG Maker, and it wasn't that difficult at all to learn. Maybe that's due to my experience with Rom-Hacking, which is more complex in my opinion, but anyway, with the help of the members of the former PlanetDev I was ready for the real deal: creating a good fangame.

    Pokémon Deep Balance isn't just the ordinary game we see all the time in the Game Development sections these days: this game is worked on by myself. No one else is developing this game. Just me. And, that's were this game shines, in my opinion. Everything is much more organised than other projects. Also, the game has, in my opinion, great graphics. Welcome to Pokémon Deep Balance.


    "The three Magisters, Zekrun, Reshin and Kyuan, were conducting a new experiment. The Gravinter Lands were really modern, but they still didn't know an answer to questions as “How was the world created?”. The Gravinters held on to their religion, but the Magisters didn't. They wanted to do an experiment, a deadly experiment, that could possibly destroy the whole planet, in order to know the truth about the world. The Magisters held a poll, so the people of the Gravinter Lands would decide whether the Magisters will do the experiment or not. However, this poll wasn't really useful, as half of the people voted “yes”, and the other half voted “no”. Zekrun wanted to do the experiment, but Reshin didn't, he was afraid of the consequences. There was only one person left, who didn't vote: The Magister Kyuan. He couldn't choose, and Reshin and Zekrun couldn't take it. They put many pressure on Kyuan, until Zekrun decided to just do the experiment, against Reshin's will. A massive explosion followed, and no-one knows what happened there, in the Magister Palace.

    When the guards of the palace entered the room where the Magisters were, everything in the room was destroyed. The Magisters were never seen again.

    Everything in the Lands later got killed: the machines they created themselves, started acting strange. Unable to control them, the Gravinter Lands became destroyed. Some of the people though, survived, and fled to the north. Their children came back to the former Gravinter Lands, and started rebuilding the Lands. Their children did to, and now, a few centuries after that, the Lands are known as our Archipelago: the Blavibe Islands."

    You, a youngster from Machai Island, will travel through the Blavibe Archipelago in order to find your dad. However, this isn't just a simple disappearance. There is a lot more going on in the region. The past has had his influence on the little archipelago. But what? What happened to the three magisters?


    An all new region for you to explore!

    Interesting maps, full of secrets!
    Three rivals, each with an unique team consisting of the best Pokémon to be found on the Blavibe Archipelago.
    The classic 8 Gym Leaders, Elite 4 and a Champion "system", with new and exciting twists. Ever saw a Gym Leader becoming your rival and best friend? A Tournament-styled Pokémon League?
    Black/White music!
    Professional Graphics of a quality never seen in an official Pokémon game!
    An unique storyline, full of plot twists and mysteries!
    A Pokédex filled with 200 Pokémon from all generations, from Charmander to Luxray and from Mudkip to Hydreigon!
    Downloadable content!



    P-Sign - Graphic Design, Storywriter, Eventer, Scripter, Mapper, Spriter, etc.


    VERSION: B020012112


    Bug fixes should be put in the installation folder. For example. if the game is installed to C:/Program Files/P-Sign/Pokémon Deep Balance, you should copy the .rgssad file to that folder. Replace the existing file, and the bug will be fixed.

    This fix gets rid of a small warp error in the Trainer Tower, some warp issues in Flocoa City and an error with a trainer battle.










    NOTE: To enter a house (open a door) press the [A] button in front of the door!

    Excuse me for the walls of text.