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Kent eyed Alex as he healed his wound. He was in a bit of shock that such a thing would be done by a Grand General of the Order, which is why he was unprepared for the following attack and binding by the thorns. Kent clenched his teeth in pain as the Roserade fled. He struggled to break free from the thorns, and with his claws, he eventually was able to. Blood dripped a bit from his sides as he looked around for the Roserade, but he was nowhere in sight. Kent sighed, and looked back at the two proto-members.

"The Order is gone from here, I supposed. We should go back to General Manchu and report that one of the Grand Generals were here."

At that, Kent proceeded to the exit of the forest. He wasn't sure what the Roserade known as Alex wanted here, but he was certain he would find out. This wouldn't be the last time they met, that was for sure.

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