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    Genevieve had been sleeping peacefully for the last two hours. She awoke up and opened her eyes. For a minute she didn't know where she was. Scarded she looked around the dimly lit room and came across Neptune. Genevieve narrowed her eyes as she loked at him. She didn't know who that was and she didn't know why he was sitting so close to her bed. Genevieve carefully and quietly got out of the bed. She didn't know where she was and she was scared. Genevieve started at the Empoleon sitting on the chair.

    WHy does he looks so fimailar? She asked herself. Her head was started to throb again, mostly from being confused. Not from the wound on her head, which she had forgotten she had gotten.

    Genevieve shook her head. I don't have time to wonder...I want to go home. She thought. Oddly enough she remebered where her house was. All Genevieve didn't remeber was getting attacked by Alex, meeting Neptune, talking to Kent and staying in the medical center.

    Genevieve quickly walked out of the room. Everythng looked different, almost scary even. She just wanted to go home, just be in her own bed. Genevieve ran down the halls, trying to make hardly any noise. Then she ran out of the medical center and headed for her house, her safe house.
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