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    Moémon! Liquid Crystal
    Moémon Liquid Crystal is a fanhack of the incredible Liquid Crystal fanhack using sprites from the Moemon ROM Hacks.

    Quick Synopsis
    Find and catch all the Moémon while discovering the secrets which surround you.
    All the while being pursued by a relentless crew of hooligans

    • All the amazing things from Liquid Crystal!
    • Moe Pokémon!
    • The obligatory heightened difficulty!
    • A lot more. . .

    Downloads! and change log
    Current DL ->Moémon Liquid Crystal Demo 1
    Have changed ROM base to Liquid Crystal.
    New Bark Town through Ruins of Alph have been tweaked and modified. Still unfinished, but certainly playable.

    Old DLs-> Moémon 8-2-13 Yeah, it's still too early to call it an Alpha edition
    Some more map changes
    Other various bits

    8-1-13 Alpha 1! I'm just gonna call this an Alpha edition!
    Some maps!
    Text changes!
    Heck yeah!

    Moémon! 7-30-13 Still a super extra early alpha!
    Working on the balance of Moémon, trying to increase difficulty without making it unfun to play.
    4/30/13 early am - created new cry attempted import, created a lack of cray for totodile, but no imported cry

    Moémon! 7-29-13 Super extra early alpha!
    -Fire Red base, sprites imported, names lowercased, starters selected, some 'dex entries changes, general populations started, some abilities changed.


    Linkandzelda for the so wonder Liquid Crystal hack!
    Moémon team for the Moémon sprites and icons!
    Hackmew for great tools!
    Jambo51 for great advice!
    Lu-HO for Advanced Map!
    Special super huge thanks to everyone on the Liquid Crystal team whom made this possible!
    Linkandzelda’s_mum – Thinking of the name Liquid Crystal and for supporting the project.
    foullump – For helping me start to script.
    zel – For helping me script and letting me use his hero back sprites from the old SG. World map tiles, frontier brains music & various sprites.
    thethethethe – General help with problems.
    JVG – Fixing the title screen fantasticly. (even though we have a new one for the next release.)
    shadowboy166 – Fixing the male, female sprites in oak intro. (We have new ones now though.)
    Ssyn, kid nino, megiddo and Black Charizard, Wataru-Kun, .com – Beta testing.
    Keyrin – Battle Sprites.
    Marnaic – OW Boy Sprite.
    Spriters resource – Some More Tiles.
    CloneX- Music.
    Bombah!/Ryu – Some OW Sprites.
    AmineX – Doing some remixes for me.
    megiddo – Help with music remixing and looping some music.
    gridiron – Bag.
    PHO/Alistair – Lighthouse Tile and other tiles.
    Magnius: Using some of his excellent remixes and beta testing.
    ~Teh Panda~: Some maps for the Orange Islands.
    Hackmew: For making excellent tools and helping, overcoming some limits and help with general situations.
    Pokepal17: outdoor gym building, general help and solutions, Inserting the new worldmap and tiles, some johto remaps. Cheers dude .
    Sergio: Orange islands first gym leader sprite.
    Lucifer the king of hell: Sprites.
    Dirk123: For his amazing Walthrough and locations FAQ.
    Mitchel1: Mapping out an awesome Goldenrod map.
    Ray Maverick – Mapping some excellent Johto remakes.
    Plat – Some excellent map remakes!!
    ZodiacDaGreat/Kawai & Interpdth – RTC + Day/night system for FireRed.
    Blues003 – Pokemon lineups for Gym Leader rematches, Zane and Axel.
    JorgeZero – Testing, music and battle backgrounds.
    Darthron – Animated titlescreen.
    Jambo51 – Responsible for pretty much all of the newest and greatest additions to LC 3.1.
    ShinyDragonHunter – Beta testing.
    Horus/Seth – Beta testing and support.
    Magnius – Latest orange islands original mixes & beta testing.
    Diegoisawesome – general support, asm fixes and additions.
    Algratue – A lot of the music included in beta 3.1 & OW sprites.
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