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Originally Posted by mondays suck View Post
I played some more on my shadow game....
880 AD, Saladin is now...

dead. Been expecting anything else? I killed off Napoleon, tried going after Joao again, but he had just such a lot of slowing terrain, once again I took a city and a stalemate ensued. So I went for Saladin instead. My version Russia now looks like this:

Still a lot of space to fill out, I also might consider a maces or knights war against Joao or Genghis, the two are still at war with each other and I haven't checked the tech screen, but I doubt they are doing well. Pacal I only met recently (looks like is spawn really screwed him), he is far, far behind without any hopes to catch up. Meeting the other continent(s) might make the tech situation look ugly though.
By the way, have you met this guy yet?

No matter what I do, HE JUST WON'T DIE. The age of Chariots as actual threats on the battlefield has been over for at least 2000 years, and he's still doing well. My Horse Archers should be obsolete by now as well, but they still work just fine for me, except against that damn Joao and all his unchopped forests... If I just were Kublai Khan and not Peter...

My plans for the near future look kind of boring: Economy, teching, etc. Either go for Liberalism () or attempt getting to Guilds before Joao or Genghis get to Feudalism. Hopefully they'll stay at war some more and pillage each other's cottages...
You should really focus on teching up for meeting the other continents.

Originally Posted by Netto Azure View Post
Ugh if my Netbook didn't hang all the time I'd probably play a shadow game too. :/

Still building lots of city is good no?
Sucks for you.

Yeah, though the maintenance costs can kill ya if you expand too fast. :x

Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
The best Civilization game in the series IMO.

I've got the fifth installment but I've yet to play it D;
I tried the demo, and though I quite liked it, I don't wanna go out and actually buy a video card for my system quite yet so that I can play it.

Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
I have, it's a decent game but doesn't feel quite right when compared with past games in the series. It also plays a hell of a lot slower than IV ever did, like crazily slow. You won't be able to build roads until like half an hour in at earliest, and your second city won't be built for like forty-five minutes. It's crazy stuff, man.

Though I do like the use of ancient ruins instead of goodie huts - you can't disturb angry villagers now.
It reminds me more of 3 than of any other past game from the series in terms of feel and game pace. It's also quite a bit more of a resource hog, so that time delay could just be your system taking longer to process the game than it takes with 4?

I like the addition of city-states and the return of barbarians to little villages like they had in 3. Though I would like to see some different tribes of barbarians and them eventually being able to have their own "civilization" of sorts and evolving into another entity to interact with.

Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
Yeah, it sounds quite slow I'll give it a try considering I got it for my birthday but I think I'm going to stick with BTS.
Some of that could be your system as well. The graphics are intense when compared to Civ IV.

Originally Posted by mondays suck View Post
I borrowed Civ V from a friend who got it a few months ago, I wasn't too impressed either and sticked with Civ IV. Once that gets boring I might try out V again, maybe. Should be better than the original release was by then, I hope.
I actually liked the removal of religions from the game. It was too necessary a win condition in IV.

Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
Yeah, Civ IV is definitely going to remain the better game, at least until some expansions and **** are relased for V.
Some of IV's mechanics bug me, though.


No update tonight. Busy with homework and such, so I don't wanna expend the effort to post one. I'll see about getting one up on Monday.

EDIT: Got bored of that, so quick update:

Game 1 Update 10:


I think it's time to get some defense up in this place.

Let's build a lighthouse here! (in hindsight, this wasn't a very good idea)

I don't like you! No Open Borders for you! >:(

Time to build us a monastery! (in hindsight, also not a very good idea)

Let's spread this to our newest city!

End Update 10
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