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    Neptune still couldn't see Q talking to Genevieve, and he sighed. He couldn't talk to her ever again...he kissed her when she wasn't even ready yet, he'd blown it big time. He was a failure...and if he approached Genvieve again, she wasn't gonna accept him anymore. He had to go to Eternity.

    "I'm going to return as a General." Neptune told himserlf, and looked at Apollo, "If I swim there, it's going to take a while. Do you think you can carry me there?"

    Apollo's eyes widened, then nodded, "Hold onto my beak and hang on tight."

    Neptune placed his claw into Apollo's mouth and he closed it shut, locking the hand inside, then flew towards Eternity city as fast as he could, with Neptune dangling mid-air.

    I'll be back.


    "Kaiser, here he is." Apollo said as he arrived, with Neptune still hanging under him. Neptune got off and thanked the Pelliper, smiling, "That was a smooth ride."

    Apollo beamed and laughed. Neptune didn't notice, but his trident-horn was a little longer since their last encounter. Which mean his power was increasing.

    "Kaiser, I want to join the Gold Tribe." Neptune said to him seriously, "And If I try my best, I believe I can be a General in the future."

    Neptune looked into Kaiser's eyes, his trident glowing again. He had something to live for now.

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