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    Lex was meditating in another cave. He grabbed a stone with his psychic powers and drew an "alpha" on the cave walls. Then he crossed it out, and did the same thing multiple times.

    "Gosh...I need something to do until it is time to strike...And i have meditated enough for today..." he said in his usual deadpan tone, his face motionless as it always was.

    Easy, Lex. Anxiety will not do any good to you. In fact you almost got killed because of being anxious...back when you were an Abra...So take it easy, and just wait...Draw more symbols, or meditate to enhance your powers...

    That last thought made him smirk for seconds and he picked up the stone he had used to draw an alpha. He drew an Omega symbol in the walls.

    Soon enough...this world will remember the name of Lex Omega!

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