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Originally Posted by mondays suck View Post
Get some Open Borders already, it does no harm unless that person is someone's worst enemy. Even then, friends are not a bad thing. The Khan and Napoleon are the only two other jewish nations, befriend them. Bribing Napoleon into war with someone else after opening borders should be worth it, it will keep him busy. That would certainly be expensive and risks one AI defeating another and becoming a superpower, but buying time is worth it. If you see either Napoleon or his victim (this would require you opening borders with said victim, so it's unlikely) going down, quickly build some troops, join the war and grab at least some of the cities. A long stalemate in an AI war, like the Portugal vs Mongolia in my game is favorable as well, it utterly ruins the involved civs tech positions.
Yeah, I didn't act quickly enough to distract Napoleon. I've had two wars so far with him, and have been lucky to survive so far. ;( (you won't see the final results of the first war until next update or the update after, though)

Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
Playing it now (:

o_o;; Chariots, Pikemen, Longbowmen, and Swordsmen while researching Fission?! Upgrade those units! It's a wonder you're still alive (unless you're playing on Settler or Chieftain for your difficulty)!

Originally Posted by Netto Azure View Post
@ Suicune: I find it funny how in the Historical context your researching Fission while using Chariots. xD

@Don: Convert teh heathens!
Teh heathens will be hard to convert. :(

Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
Yeah, I know that was just before I got war declared on by 3 AI's. I've got Musketmen & Rifflemen now ^^
If you can research Fission, you should totally have the technology for infantry and tanks right now. :\


Updating because I don't want to do my homework.

Game 1 Update 11: No Offense, but I Hate You.


You're too close to me, so I'm gonna have to refuse. >:(

Yes! A Settler!

... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Who declared war on me?! pleasenotnapoleonpleasenotnapoleonpleasenotnapoleonpleasenotnapoleonpleasenotnapoleon



Oh, look, I got a technology! I think it's Theology.

Yep, it was Theology.

Now then, Horseback Riding so we can storm Napoleon's lands!

And I have another city! Let's build a Granary, since this city probably won't see any war action.

BATTLE TIME! Let's crush that warrior!

And now we have an Archer! Let's build another!

Oh, goodie! A Great Merchant! Exactly what I need!

I'm gonna have to build a temple here otherwise there'll be riots. :(

I'm gonna try to go for something more long term. This wonder has some cool benefits. n_n

We'll build a Monastery here since this city takes a long time to build units.

I don't care. You're smallfry compared to Napoleon. >:(

End Update 11.
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