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Originally Posted by ZodiacDaGreat View Post
Thanks Yeah, I took design and interface ideas from Advance Map, EliteMap, .. I have to agree, it'll be no where near to as perfect as Advance Map is lol Anyway, coding a map editor is a fun exercise for programmers XD

You read my mind, I've actually wanted to integrate both of those tools. Yeah sure, so far I've got the events half done But the stuff look ugly lol I think I got how to load scripts via XSE but yeah I'll talk to him if I need more help.

Edit: Look at this, that's what I meant ugly. I couldn't make the right icons for events XD Have to try more in photoshop.

Hey Darcy Long time.. Yeah, I'll show you once I'm close to releasing a workable version. Shouldn't be far.
Can you give more insight on that idea, so like a different color for different movement permissions?
Hahaha. Why not just load the actual game sprites?
( I might try my hand at making some icons for you this weekend. )

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