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Originally Posted by Netto Azure View Post
Don't worry. I hope you get to become a big boy later on. *shot*
With any luck, I will be.

Originally Posted by mondays suck View Post
Finally got around to continue my shadow game a bit...

In 1310, after an estimated 1500 years of war...
Genghis Khan has finally managed to capture one city from Joao . Meanwhile, I've been stagnating for centuries, nothing at all apart from me founding a few more cities happened. Economy is still trash, but Joao and Genghis are hopelessly behind and Pacal is only catching up slowly and mainly pursuing cultural techs - while he has 2 cities and 3 are needed for a cultural victory. More good news is that there still is no contact with any other civs, they can't be a lot more advanced. Still I am probably going to lose Liberalism, oh well. So, the plan is to sit on my land, build infrastructure ad nauseum and eventually win space. Yawn. Well, I don't feel like conquering Genghis and the jungles he is drowning in or Joao and his cities that are mostly on hills and having walls or even some person on another continent, the map is just too big for that. Once I've finished expanding I'll be at 40 cities, that'll be far, far more than enough.
Sooo, here we have Russia East...

...and Russia West.

Maybe I should build wealth and research in my cities to get out of the tech hole, but now that Horse Archers are obsolete (then again, Joao, isn't even close to Feudalism yet...), these buildings became are sooo shiny

By the way, I'm pretty sure I've never seen such a religion spread pattern before. Usually everything can spread anywhere, but here that clearly isn't the case. Well, disregarding Paris at least.
Religion spreads in quite unusual ways in the game.

Originally Posted by Sammyskitty View Post
I always wanted to try this game, but I kind suck at the Manage-Your-Own-Family/City/Empire games. Sometime I'll try it out, hopefully soon.
I'd start at Settler difficulty if I were you, then.


Anyways, update time!

Game 1 Update 15: Shweda
gon Paya


This southern city sorely needs production.

And I have this wonderful building.

This is for those who didn't know what this building does. It's pretty cool. B)

And we'll go straight for the Moai Statues to preemptively give Moscow the extra production speed it'll sorely need later.

I think this was a vote to stop trading with Joao.

End Update 15.
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