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    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    Sorry, I have no idea how to actually embed it in the post, so have a link instead!

    Here we have video evidence of 649 Pokémon appearing in FireRed's Pokédex. As things stand, I haven't inserted the sprites or cries, or most of their stats, but NONE of what I just mentioned is routine related. Most of them (the ones with stats) are valid battlers too, so I think I can honestly say I'll have this finished within the next couple of days if I find the time.

    Also shown in this video is the Kanto dex, reorganised into a regional dex. The length and order of this dex is entirely up to the hacker, but being based on LC and all, I decided to give it an appropriate pokédex order, and made the Kanto dex into the New Pokédex from GSC.
    Not bad, I did that months ago. You figure out how to expand the seen/caught in the RAM yet? Cause that is the hard part...

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