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    Zanpaktou Name: Zetsumei Fenikkusu (Death Phoenix)

    Type: Kido/ Melee

    Zanpaktou Spirit: Phoenix

    Release Command: Hae (Fly)

    Shikai Data
    : My sword's sheath becomes a belt filled with kuni and shuriken. I can absorb Reshi or spiritual energy to create more Kuni and shuriken to attack with.

    -Hane Shinkirou (Feather Mirage)
    I attack by throwing hundreds of shuriken that lock on to spiritual pressure.

    -Hayai Inmetsu (Swift Destruction)
    I send a wave of shuirken at my foe that explode on contact.

    -Suta-Raito Bokumetsu (Starlight Extermination)
    -I unleashed waves of energy from my sword to carve a star pattern into the ground, then place kuni at all five points of it, anyone that is in the star is caught in a deadly explosion.

    Bankai Name: Zetsumei Shinsei Fenikkusu (Death and Rebirth Phoenix)

    Bankai Data: besides the standard increase in power I also gain chest armor, should pads and arm guards, with a bandana that conceals my spiritual presence as along as it is on my head.

    -Chigiri Massatsu (Destiny Obliteration)
    I throw five giant shurikens, around the side of my torso, into the sky then send a wave of energy across the battlefield, marking the area with a faint crimson glow. Thousands of shuriken rain down from the sky, hitting anything in the marked area.

    Misc Data: If I used shunko in Shikai, only the chain-mail remains, if used in Bankai the chest armor, pads and chainmail remains, either way I'll have no armor for my back.


    Name: Akio (Glorious Hero) Masanori (Model of Justice) [Nobody has promission to call him by real name.]

    Codename: Norio (Man of Law)

    Eye Color: Black

    Hair Color: Black

    Appearance: Oval shaped head with a square jaw. Body type should be lean yet muscular, mostly tone. Skin tone should be between hisagi and Yourichi's completion. As for his uniform. He wears the corps uniform, with his sleeveless Captain's robe on top. He also sports a domino mask over his eyes and mask that covers from his nose down to his neck. As for his hair, he has it pulled to back of his head.Both fore arms have a Flame tattoo

    Personality: Is a Ninja, nuff said. Cool, calm, collected and analytical. Fiercely loyal and holds his duties in high regard. Workaholic yet can play just as hard with people he knows well enough.

    Battle Data

    [Offense: 100]
    Since I'm manly and awesome, oh wait...serious explanation. I manly use Haduka (Hand-to-Hand) in combat and thus am a lot stronger than I look.
    [Mobility: 100]
    In conjunction with my Haduka, I use HoHo-(Flash Step) as well to use my agility and speed to make my opponent nearly helpless battle. I can also make flash clones if necessary.
    [Stamina: 90]
    I trained my body to be able to last slug fests as well as to able to use all those moves and techniques in session without my movements become sluggish afterwords. I can fight for DAYS if necessary, but will most likely raid the kitchen after using the bathroom after the fight is over.
    [Defense: 50]
    I can take a damage if necessary but don't make a habit of it, I can don't really have to defend that much, thus this stat is average.
    [Intelligence: 90]
    I run the intelligence corps, as well as pal around with the 12th and 13th squad captains, so this stat is high. I mainly focus on psychology and philosophy, so I am capable of breaking down my foe, interrogating them and able to view a situation in many different perspectives.
    [Kido: 50]
    Aside from kido spells and Shunko, I really have no need to use it, so I just average out.
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