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    The Official Squad Page for

    Welcome to the 13th Squad of the 13 Protection Division. Feel free to look around =)

    ~Be an active member
    ~Be respectful towards the others, even if they're of lower ranks
    ~Type legibly. It doesn't hurt to add in a few keystrokes just so we can understand what you're saying

    That's all methinks.

    Captain: smile! [Information sheet]
    3rd Seat: -Lapras- [Zanpakto]
    4th Seat:
    5th Seat:

    1. What kind of individuals are you seeking?
    All are welcome!

    2. How would you describe the atmosphere around your division?
    We have lots of candies... Eh heh. It's also calm and peaceful, and as Ukitake says,
    "We're a division that gets along, and knows how to laugh!"

    3. What do you require of new recruits?
    A nice personality would be good.

    4. Some words for the shinigami recruits.
    Remember to have fun!

    This is the 13th Division from the 13 Protection Squads Unit
    It is run by Captain Ukitake, whose helpers are the energetic Kiyone Kotetsu and Sentaro Kotsubaki
    The Squad Insignia is the Snowdrop, which symbolizes Hope.
    Kubo's description of Captain Ukitake is "Friendship that embraces all"
    Also, Sode no Shirayuki is one of my favorite zanpakto [/random]
    Finally, I am an Unohana fan. XD

    Credits to Northern Lights for the cool banner =D

    **The other fields (fanfiction and whatnot) will be added respectively, if I ever get the urge to write/a member who writes, etc.