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Originally Posted by Netto Azure View Post
Wow didn't get to comment sorry. But yeah, trying to culturally pressure that city back to your side huh. Still ur building an army to retake it or...?
More focused on just keeping it from overwhelming my own cities. I don't have an army ready for it.

Originally Posted by mondays suck View Post
You cannot cultureflip cities lost by conquest :p
Maybe you can use the Apo. Palace (it is jewish, right?) to gift it back to yourself though if you get elected, the option should come up. If he defies, too bad for him as the unhappiness penalty will probably hit him harder than a change of Rostov's ownership.
Really? I thought that was an option and not a mandatory game mechanic.

Probably not. Genghis likes Napoleon more.


Game 1 Update 20: RUSSIA HAS A MILITARY?!


We have a Horse Archer now.

Now to build a Barracks.

And now we've got another one of these guys.

Now we're getting somewhere.

I totally forgot I was producing one of these.

Oh, well. Let's build a Jewish Temple.

Let's start building more cities.

I'm gonna need that economic boost.

Gotta get one of these guys over to Vladivostok...

... so he won't be dawdling on his way there this time.

End Update 20. 47 turns left to catch up.
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