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Originally Posted by mondays suck View Post
A millennium or two too late, but you do have one Horse Archer now. What could possibly go wrong from here?

And convert to Judaism already, it's the only religion in your empire and therefore superior to No State Religion or Free Religion. Especially since it means you won't be diplomatically isolated anymore, and while better relations with Napo don't mean you can trust him, they do mean you can bribe him to war with one of the Buddhists, that way he will be busy. Saladin would be perfect for that, unfortunately Gandhi is completely blocking the way to him and Napoleon is 1) Most likely not going to have Open Borders with him and 2) Probably going to conquer him way too easily. Still worth a consideration as it will buy you time to get an actual military.
Horse Archers are immortal.

I like the science and happiness boost I get from Free Religion.


Game 1 Update 21: We Fail to Build the Mausoleum


Here are what my finances look like.

More archers because Napoleon is insane.

And this is the first wonder in a while I've tried for but failed to get.

Building a temple for increased production and to stop unhappiness before it happens.

That's a nice sum of gold for that wonder.

Time to build another archer.

Pretty cool random event.

End Update 21. 45 turns to catch up.

Game 1 Update 22: Islam


And now Judaism has been spread in Vladivostok like I needed it to be.

I'm gonna be building more cities, so I'll need more missionaries.

Got a much needed Barracks here.

Now to build a temple because those are some unhappy people.


I'll give you what you want this time. I'm not quite ready for war yet.

Got Divine Right! That means that...

I have founded Islam!

St. Petersburg is now even more vital to Russia. I'll research Feudalism now.

End Update 22. 43 turns left to catch up.
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