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Originally Posted by TheDarkShark View Post
The comic sans font is quite a good font - for invitations of some sort. But it doesn't make your tool look very ... serious.
Apart from that, I don't really get the point in writing a program to implement those little things. If you already have the offset, it will take aproximately 15 (well, let's say per feature + opening the rom in the hex-editor) seconds to jump to the location, do a simple byte change and hit save. I'm not sure if the evolution thing is a simple byte change, too, but if it is, it'd be a waste of time (and space on the hard drive ) to download the tool, and implementing the features.
But this isn't the only thing that disapoints me of this tool: if you are too lazy or something to implement those features with a hex-editor, you don't really deserve to have them in your hack, IMO (well, e.g. map-editing or scripting, which have to be done very often and aren't that simple to do in hex, could be done with a tool, but only if you understand how it works with a hex-editor. That's my opinion about tools of this kind)
Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post
It may be just me, but this tool seems almost ... pointless ( ? )
IDK, maybe it's just me. :\
I understand what you both mean, and I know that this tool is pretty pointless, but I made it to practice programming... So, yeah it is pointless, but I wanted to share it anyways.
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