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    Man if there's one thing I always wanted to fix was that ...
    Great job!
    I wonder know if you have tried enable other animations from the 3rd generation? Like the grass with ash on it ...

    I tried to do one thing:

    08068402 MOVS R0, # 4
    08068404 BL dp02_exec_aka_do_animation
    This #4 refers to animations that will be loaded into tile ... I tried to change this for any other byte below #40. And what I got was that instead of the normal animation of grass other animations were loaded (in fact I think all the animation tiles had been carried).

    For example:
    * If you place a # 01, the animation will be loaded, is when we use the cut on the grass tiles.
    * And if you put # 07, the animation will be loaded is the grass with ash on top (which I referred to earlier), merged with a setmaptile with some tile of the second tileset.

    And so on ...

    Maybe this way there is how to enable other animations or even create new ones.

    Good luck and thanks!

    Essence of Light

    Comming Soon...
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