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Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post
on the subject of freespacemanager.
Make a 'dump-file-searcher'
eg: input file: raw dump of data, find offset of data.
That way, you can dump the data from other tools, and label it in freespacemanager.
I actually planned for it to constantly look for space being used up, if it detects some, then it adds the offset and size of the data used to a table where you can add a label or merge entries. So it will automatically find the data - there's no need to search for it

EDIT: On a side note, is it just me, or are the navigation buttons at the top of this thread floating off the banner that says SkyDock? It wasn't like that when I posted it, please tell me if you see that too (On my browser the buttons float about 10px down from the banner, they are supposed to touch...)