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Originally Posted by Conjurer View Post
That little spot to the southwest of Rostov might be good. Might as well use the maintenance bonus from Moscow, eh? I can't see if it's too close to French land though, and considering they got Rostov that might not be a good idea. o.o
I'm more focused on obtaining land area at this point.

Originally Posted by mondays suck View Post
Wait, wait, wait. 1200-something AD and Napoleon is still using Spears and Axes? Punish him already! Quickly assembling a sufficient force of medieval units (I hope you have Machinery and Civil Service) to retake Rostov and ward off any incoming stacks from the French homeland should be a piece of cake. Just don't use tanks ;)
I'm too passive to attack Napoleon. Plus, his power is an unknown value at this point.

Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
Yeah, you should probably use those Archer guys soon before anyone takes the next leap in military technology and ****s up with your plans.
I'm pretty sure I'm the most advanced nation on my continent, so not much to worry about there.

And now for another update.

Originally Posted by iFr0z3n View Post
1 word, AMAZING! I love the fact that you took screenshots rather than a vid.
With screenshots, I get to pick and choose what I show.

Originally Posted by mondays suck View Post
Shadow Game, 1635 AD
Things are looking pretty ugly, because:

I decided taking over the rest of the world by force would take too long, so my plan was just to sit on my 40 cities and win space or whatever, but of course Genghis the jerk and his puny 12 city empire had to declare war on me. I don't have Rifling yet, but still am 3 turns from Infantry and Cavalry isn't far either. I just hope my outdated army will be able to hold off his equally outdated forces until then. Oh, and Joao became his vassal at some point, so I'll have to deal with that guy as well. Urgh, unnecessary waste of time and virtual lives. Maybe I will raze both Lisbon and Karakorum as a punishment.

So, here we have Russia West aka Ex-France...

...and Russia East aka Ex-India and Arabia. Or, in case of most of the cities I settled, these would normally have been the rulers over most of these lands hadn't they succumbed to my vastly superior military strategy that is the brainless early Horse Archer spam.

Since my technology pace is decent by now, this game is in the bag, all I will have to do is deal with the Mongols and sit back until I win space. The map is just too big to pursue a military victory without having it take ages.

Also, I crave an update.

I actually made an effort to start posting this update on the 2nd. Then I got lazy and busy.


Game 1 Update 25:


Surround Rostov with cities!

This is just to show that, yes, I do have some semblance of a military in the works.

And now for a monastery to further spread Islam.

This is a pretty sweet deal for me. 3 turns until I can start building Macemen. At least I think that's how it is. But do I really wanna take it? Let's get a closer look at what I give up quick.

What I give up.

I think it's worth it.

I think this was another archer.

I forgot what I built here, but an Archer is clearly next.

End Update 25. 40 turns to catch up.
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