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    Thanks for your comments.

    I prefer Recover+Toxic over ResTalk for my Milotic. ResTalk makes you taunt bait, you can't use sleep talk if you're taunted. I also don't like the randomness of sleep talk (like, if I'm faced with a Jumpluff, for example [4x weakness to ice and a resistance to water] and sleep talk uses Surf instead of Ice Beam). Also, doesn't sleep talk have the possibility of using rest?

    I will replace Brick Break for Thunder Wave. Twilight Sky makes good points.

    I did give Milotic a lot of defensive EVs (it can stand up to a good 3 non-STAB Thunderbolts or Grass Knots, and it almost never faints on the first turn, it's only done it once [hit by a twice-boosted explosion in a triple battle]). For this reason, taunt is painful to my Milotic, but it can usually stand up to it. I usually do switch out if I become taunted, but it's usually for Zoroark (if he's still alive) just to U-Turn or something. This isn't a perfect strategy, but it works sometimes, and there is a decrease of people who use taunt now in Gen V (this isn't to say that it's not used anymore, just that, I've noticed it being used a little less).

    I have some questions about Breloom. I tested her in the battle subway (which I usually do for all of my new additions, and she is a new addition) and realized that she kept dying on the first or second turn (so poison heal wasn't activated). Breloom's stats are:
    124 Atk
    90 Def
    66 SpAtk
    60 SpDef (I think that was what kept killing her)
    70 Spe

    What EV spread would you guys suggest? I need something somewhat defensive with a fair amount of attack and a little speed. So maybe 252 Attack/150 SpDef/100 Defense/6 Speed? Is that possible? I'm not great with EVs...

    I agree with you saying that you could possibly replace Serperior with Whimsicott. As far as I know(and I could be wrong while saying this), Serperior is usually good for dual screens and quick taunting, but I don't think there's much else beyond that. Unless you want to count Leaf Storm spamming, that is(because of Seperior's DW ability and whatnot that reverses stat changes and what have you). But still, if you're really aiming for a grass type. I'd say go for something like Whimsicott, then. I would suggest Lilligant but...I dunno if Quiver Dancing is more or less your thing, plus it might serve an entirely different purpose anyway. D:

    I'd prefer to stick to Leech Seeding over Quiver Dancing. My problem with Whimsicott is, again, survivability. I know it's a SubSeeder, but I can't seem to get into SubSeeder rhythm. I battled a cheater/hacker once :'( who used a SubSeed Whimsicott that had Sleep Powder as opposed to Toxic (Which I originally thought was a legit move for it). As you can Imagine, it totally decapitated Serperior and Zoroark and left Milotic to just barely defeat it. So then it was low HP Milotic against Half HP Mienshao (and another totally healthy pokemon that he didn't have to send out). Even though Whimsicott doesn't get Sleep Powder,
    I know people SubSeed with it legitimately. Please advise on SubSeeding.
    I also might look into Screening, thank you.

    You could make Gengar hold specs if you so choose, I personally think it would do a whole lot of damage that way(except it kinda gets completely walled by blissey) or you could go completely offensive and make it hold focus sash. Reason being that Gengar isn't the most bulky thing out there, and its kinda frail, so yeah.

    I do have other ways of dealing with Blissey (namely Breloom and Emboar [But I don't often use Emboar, because she is slow and KOed pretty fast]), but I still like the Focus Sash idea for setting up destiny bond (because Gengar outruns a lot of his tier). So I will put the Focus Sash on him. The usual counters I see for my Gengar are Weaviles (Faster, STAB supereffective Night Slash KOes so that I can't get in a Focus Blast).

    As for Serperior or Whimsicott (My new Serperior set would probably be Serperior @ Light Clay: Light Screen/Reflect/Leaf Blade/Leech Seed), I still need some help deciding.