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    Originally Posted by Elgyem View Post
    Close combat would help the Tepig evolutions, but Gothitelle......? It's just not necessary. If it were Psychic/Fighting, then sure, but as a pure Psychic type, it just doesn't seem necessary. And HAMMER ARM?!?!?!? Gothitelle barely has arms at all! Hammer Arm is for muscular Pokemon, not Psychic types with skinny, weak arms!
    Agreed I think Gothitelle actually has one of the more thought out sets, Unlike Emboar It has the word Fire punch in its Dex description yet it does not learn fire punch, and Ferrowseed cant learn rapid spin i just don't think nintendo had their head in the game when designing move sets. More retardedness the most powerful fighting move emboar learns naturaly is arm thrust and it learns Roar at lvl 55! pokemon learn that at like lvl 2 for goodness sake
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