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I'm on the same page as Elf about the ghost thing. Cohagrigus would be pretty good because, as Elf mentioned, SmashPass teams with Baton Pass Espeon (in other words, all of them) don't have to worry about Roar / Whirlwind phazing options because of magic bounce. :P Haze would help out by a lot, as a highly offensive team like a SmashPass team can wreck through stall without a problem (thanks to Espeon reflecting all your setup, and preventing roar/whirlwind phazing).

I don't have much else to say, as it's a really well constructed team. But on P-2 you could give Discharge >> Thunderbolt a shot, and then HP Ground/Fire >> Thunder Wave if you're worried about beating Magnezone. It obviously also helps with other steels as well.