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huh? whaaaaat?
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    Hey Zam.
    I decided to join this CLub as well.


    I'm CyberBlaziken. Call me Kai.
    Nice to meet all of you.

    Name: Koorimizu ('Koori' for Ice "mizu for Water) (Frosted Water)

    Type: Kido, Water-Ice based.

    Zanpaktou Spirit: Koorimizu spirit manifests into a man about 5 ft 7 inch. His attires is a Dark Blue jacket like Ulquiorra's. Along with a sky blue cape. He has Grey hair and crimson red eyes. He is a man with no mercy. When in a battle.. he tends to hold back his true powers. Does not like walking, glides instead If he deems his opponent worthy, he does not hold back at all. We are very alike and get along pretty well.

    Release Command: Freeze the Icy Water! Koorimizu!

    Shikai Details:

    Kourimizu in it's released state. The hilt is made of very strong and thin layer of Ice. The blade is blue in clour. Water molecules are sometimes present in the handle.


    Kouu Hyoushou (Ice Crystal Rain) - The Clouds start to get darker and it feels like rain is about to fall. Ice Shards rain from the sky, which are sharp as a sword. Can almost cut through anything.

    Touketsu Kouzui (Frozen Flood) - If pointed at the enemy, it shoots a blast of my own reiatsu.

    Hasakigiri (Misted Blade Edge) - Freezes Water in the Air and then slash it against the enemy. A bit like Getsuga Tenshou.

    Bankai Name: Taisan Koorimizu (Dispersed Frozen Water)

    Bankai Details: Koorimizu no longer possesses a base form. Its form is the water vapor into the air, which allows me to manipulate and control.

    Bankai Abilities: As soon Bankai has been reached, the temperature drops near zero degree and rains start to fall. A blue aura engulfs me and i start to radiate reiatsu.
    The rain falling also helps recover my reiatsu very little bit by bit.

    Attacks: *NOTE : All Shikai Attacks can be used*

    Tenka no Akayaiba ( Bloody Blade of Snow) - My sword reforms in a red crystal colour, allowing me to use my basic sword fighting technique.

    Ikaten Kogoru (Flash Freeze) - I raise my hand in the sky and ball of energy forms, crystal blue in colour. i lower my hand and point my palm in to the opponents direction and it shoots out ice beams.

    Hyoutenka Goryou (Literally Subzero Absolute Tomb) - Final Attack. My hands starts to be covered with water droplets from the falling rain.
    i thrust my fist on the ground and my enemy, or enemies, are surrounded with a circle made of my reiatsu. the ground inside the circles turns into a whirlpool which sucks them in and freezes them completely. Breaking free is quite impossible. nearly depletes my reiatsu.