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    Welcome to my second hack, Pokémon Shooting Star. This hack is a project I been working on for a while and I thought it be good to showcase it but it still in the progressing phase meaning I can change the story to something I find suitable. If you have any feedback, please go right ahead. ~Ryan

    Code Bases - Pokemon Firered Version 1.0 [BPRE]
    Language - English

    A small humanoid Pokémon named Jirachi was said to have a special ability that no other Pokémon had, the power to grant wishes. This Pokémon only appear every one thousand years, meaning it hard for anyone to believe this Pokémon has even existed because of the time frame of when it came and left was unknown. That when a special known as the Millennium Comet hit Earth, the comet though spilt into 6 piece that were scatter around the remote area of the Florence region. It unknown what power these piece have but it seems to have a connection with Jirachi and therefore a group of sinister people came over to the peaceful region of Florence to terrorize it for the sole purpose of getting Jirachi. Who know what will happen if they manage to gain the whole set but it look like it going to be something out of the ordinary.

    A simple but deep story - It will be like the usual story for Pokémon game but with a lot twist along the way.
    Day and night system – Watch as the time period change from Day to Night. Thing like Lamppost, house window or house door will light up at night.
    Quest – Look around the region for people who need help, complete the quest to gain rare item or even rare Pokémon. Quest can sometime be accepted at a certain time or day.
    Mini-game – Around the region there will be an arcade center that allows you to play the fun and enigmatic mini – game.
    Clothing store – Later in the game you will find a clothing store where you can buy different outfits.
    Time based Event - Event that require time, like NPC speaking differently at night or quest that can only be accepted at a certain time.
    Weekly event - Certain day you be able to do fun thing like the bug catching contest or rebottle gym leader.
    HGSS Textbox - Oh, you may think "Why is the textbox a feature?” Well you notice how the HGSS textbox have different shading in the bottom Ex: Light blue top and darker blue bottom. Well in my hack the textbox mimic the Heart Gold and Soul Silver one.



    Ryan & Levy
    Ryan & Levy are the hero and heroine of the hack.

    - Coming soon

    Professor Aster
    - Coming soon

    Gym Leader

    Airi (Flying) - Holder of the Stratus Badge
    - Coming soon

    Feng (Fighting) - Holder of the Chi Badge
    - Coming soon

    ???? (Fire) - Holder of the Burst Badge
    - Coming soon

    ???? (Psychic) - Holder of the Illusion badge
    - Coming soon

    ???? (Steel) - Holder of the Ion badge
    - Coming soon

    ???? (Ground) - Holder of the Crater badge
    -Coming soon

    ???? (Ice) - Holder of the Density Badge
    - Coming soon

    ???? (Ghost) - Holder of the Reaper Badge
    - Coming soon


    - coming soon


    Advance Map 1.95
    Hex Workshop 6.5
    Extreme Script Editor
    NSE 2.X & NSE Classic
    Advance Trainer
    Unlz. GBA

    B.E.R - Bug\Error Report
    M- Major
    M* - Minor
    U- Unfix able for now

    Bug Report:
    Selecting an item in the bag will make the border covering the item into the color black. (M*)

    Deigoisawesome - Research on removing the flashback thing.
    Hackmew - ASM, Tutorial, Tool and many other thing.
    Astar - Helping me with graphic, Real time clock and calendar tile.
    Prime-Dialga - Day, Night & Season
    Jambo51 - ASM Routine
    Mateo - Custom Tile
    Fanking Omega - Custom Tile
    Jpan - FR Hacked Engine
    Mastermind X - For the two music event hack
    Deigo\ ~Golden - Battle background Template
    Colcolstyles - Textbox Hack and Greyscale Hack
    Wichu - Decapitation patch

    Pokemon Treasure.
    Progress: Planning.