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    Winter's Corner.
    Second Edition - 29.6.2011

    Hey, there. I’m Winter, and this is week two of Winter’s Corner! For those of you who don’t know, Winter’s Corner is where I bring you news, upcomings, and just stuff in general about ROM hacking! So, without further stalling due to a lack of things to write, here’s week two. :)

    What's New?
    What’s one thing you haven’t seen in a hack? One thing I haven’t seen is a regional Pokedex. The boys down in Research & Development have found a lot of things about it. Why is this important? Well, it’s just a nice little touch. Yeah, you could get by it simply by enabling the national dex at the beginning, but, that looks kind of unprofessional. For example, at 0xCE91A change the next 4 bytes to 00 00 14 E0. Doing this will enable evolutions without the national dex. Like, having your Onyx evolve into a Steelix. This thread can be found here.
    Another smallish, but still huge thing is the 4th generation class split from the 3rd generation. What is this? Well, in 3rd generation games, such as Fire Red, Hyper Beam is considered a physical attack. In 4th generation and up, it’s considered a special attack. Which is why the move Giga Impact was created(to be like a physical hyper beam). I know it’s a small touch, but, still a very nice one.

    What to look forward to.
    A lot of us like to hack the 3rd generation of Pokémon games, right? That goes to show that all of us know about Advance Map. Lu-Ho is almost done with his newest edition, Advance Map 1.95 and even has an open beta going on! This comes with a lot of features, such as day, night, and seasons capability. Also, using Advance Map 1.95 makes making map connections a LOT easier with a map-type system showing you exactly how your two maps will line up.
    On the subject of mapping, we are making dives into the 4th and 5th generation of it. That’s right. There’s a 4th & 5th generation map editor in the works here in PokeCommunity. That’s right, pretty soon we’re gonna start seeing Diamond hacks and things of that nature. The DS map graphics editor is one major leap in the ROM hacking community. “One small step for man… one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong.
    Lastly, on the subject of things to look forward to, are two hacks. Namely Tropical Blue, by Flandre Scarlet, and Pokémon Explorer! by colcolstyles. These two hacks, I feel, are going to go pretty far content-wise. Flandre has developed a neat storyline that takes you into a Pokémon world where there is an afterlife. On the flipside, colcolstyles, one of our friendly Emulation moderators, has opened up a team thread called CCS Studios where two main hacking projects will take place. His hack, Explorers! and another being the perfect Yellow remake including a working follow-me script. Colcolstyles is actually looking for help on his project, so if you’d like to help, click on the team’s name. :)

    You know what really grinds my gears?
    Family Guy reference aside, there’s a lot of things that irks me about hacks. One of them being when someone makes a hack, but it’s just mapping, no scripting. Like, they only have the knowledge to do a basic talking script, but expect everyone else to do the rest for them. Like, I understand, not everyone has the ability to put command after command on each other to form a perfect script, but if you haven’t already got your scripting problem sorted out(like hiring one), then you probably shouldn’t post your hack yet. What mainly bugs me about that is the fact that not only do they not know how to do one of the central things in hacking; they show no interest to learn. Like, if you ask them, they’ll just say something like “Oh, I got to the checkflag stuff and freaked out.” That’s not an excuse. Also, when people give up on their projects just because of one complication (I ranted about this on another thread called Motivation). In life, there are a crapload of things that could go wrong at every turn. But, when something bad happens, do you just kill yourself? Some people, yeah. But, they’re not reading this ‘cause they’re dead. So, don’t be dead in the hacking world and give up on your project as soon as one thing goes wrong. If anything, that should motivate you to do even better (don’t make fun of my messed up logic, just go with it). And that is what really grinds my gears.

    ROM Hack I'm personally looking at.

    Ooh, what’s a good one? This past week I’ve been playing Pokémon Lilac by DrFuji. This hack is amazingly presented, custom boot screen and all. The game itself is graphically beautiful
    and is the perfect challenge. I found myself grinding my Croconaw and Beautifly to destroy my jerk of a rival who I named Fuji who always tries to one-up me. After a while, I actually forgot I was playing an actual Game Freak production. I recommend everyone to play this hack. Not only for it’s beautiful tiles, but also for its realistic events straight through the end of the beta. I simply cannot wait to get more for this hack. I think the only flaw I found in this game was the fact that it was too short, and that whenever you blacked out, the nurse pretended to be your mom.

    Competition Results.
    Winner: The Unforgiven. Linky.
    The best drawing (pencil and paper) of a pokemon or fakemon wins.
    The most you can do is outline it in pen to make it stand out more.

    Closing Notes.
    This is week two of Winter’s Corner, I’m sorry if I didn’t put everything you would’ve liked me to. But, as always, give me your thoughts and suggestions! I look forward to reading them. :) I want to make week three absolutely great!
    Winter Sophia Kelly

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