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Welcome all to the wonderful tournament that is the Fourth of July Pokemon Online Tournament. To celebrate yet another year of the Declaration of Independence for the United States, I will be hosting this wonderful tournament that will take place during the day of July 4th. The time period may change in the future to accomodate the playstyle that I plan to run this tournament by, so be on the lookout for announcements about the time period for this tournament. So in order to celebrate, this tournament will function off of points gain from winning battles, and losing point for losing battles (see more detailed explanation in the rules section). Participants are able to challenge each other in order to acquire these points, and whoever has the most at the end of the time period will be crowned winner. There are no prizes at the moment, because Wifi Pokemon are next to useless for most Pokemon Online players, and emblems are up to the discretion of moderators and higher staff members (of which I am neither). So if you want prizes, bug Wolflare. :3

The tournament will take place on: Monday July 4th beginning at 12:00AM Eastern Standard Time (-5:00) and ending at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time (-5:00).

You do not have to be from the United States to participate in this tournament. I know those of you from Britain may find it ironic to participate, but it'll be fun nonetheless. :] The only issue that might arise is finding matches with those of us from the US. Also, if you participated in the Competitive Battling Tutor Class, this is a great way to continue working your way into the Competitive Battling Center's social group. We're a friendly bunch and would love to see participation grow!

Good luck everyone!

First Place: Kevin Garret
Second Place: Vrai
Third Place: Spinosaurus
★ We use Smogon's Ban List
★ All PokeCommunity rules and PokeCommunity Pokemon Online Server rules apply
★ Battles must be held on the official PokeCommunity Pokemon Online server, which can be accessed by typing into the box at the bottom and hitting Advanced Connection
★ Challengers must agree on a tier and generation in which to battle, as well as clauses that will be in action
★ Winning a battle will earn you 1 point
★ Losing a battle will cause your overall score to drop by 1 point
★ Losing more than 2 times in a row will prevent your score from degrading any further, and the score cannot go negative
★ If a challenge is refused, the person who refused the challenge loses 1 point
☆ If you are idle, you can safely refuse challenges without your score being compromised
☆ If you have already battled the same person three times, you will not lose points for refusing challenges from said person
☆ If the two challengers cannot agree on a tier/generation, the battle will be ignored and refusing a challenge on this basis is safe
Do not abuse any of these exceptions
★ When reporting scores, make a win/loss list in your sign-up post by editing, as demonstrated in this post
★ Maintain the order in which you battled for your record keeping, as the order of the battling does matter
★ Save logs of ALL battles in case the need for them arises. If neither party has a log and conflict rises, the scores will not be counted and both sides will be penalized with a subtraction of 1 point
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