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    Originally Posted by RHIOneAlbum View Post
    Interesting way to come across the question. Usually people just make the poke on give out more exp, or add more trainers, both of which are semi good ideas. But I can also see problems with this, the faster exp groups make it hard to grow early, but easier later on. You are right that wed have to edit the entire group to make it satisfying to players. Would it glitch up though?
    This is the most flexible solution, as you can shape the curve for your own needs. My need was reaching lv 100 in a faster way. You may change all pokemon from the Erratic group to the Fast group, or generate a level curve with all values halved. The latter though retains the hard part from lv 50 to lv 100, so while it makes all things faster (especially at the beginning) you'll still have to grind a lot for the final levels.

    In a new game I haven't encountered any glitch, you can also check the video. It might create problems if you already had a save file with the old experience table though.
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