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This time is much shorter than last time just us getting through one area. Fun Fact Last part had over 180 screens.

Part 3

Still want to light it on fire and worship it.

I think I ran out of leaving jokes.

Da F@#$ is that?:O It scares me.

And now I'm just terrified.

Don't look directly at the Fuzzy Demon.

Ahh Molemen:cer_disbelief:

Just like a normal mole except they can you turrets.

I named him Simon and he is Dark/Ground.

Man that's some Heavy Rain.

Not shown me wetting myself after being scared by the lightning.

Why is there a squid in a forest?:cer_confused:

Mamas boy.

Teh squid is in da forest.

Now there's a living icicle. You know what I give up trying to make sense of this forest.

That's pretty sad.

I meant to name it Slider but messed up.

Come At Me Bro!

:\ I thought he was bug catcher not a fisher man.

Well what do you know Lulzsec uses Caterpie.

WHAT! My plans for a party are ruined.

Yeah The Troop just walked all over you.

Totally just happened

You want another one Come At Me Bro!

Dammit I don't have a Cardboard box.

I've never had a problem hitting little kids.


Bay Watch takes no prisoners


Hahahaha Pillage and Rape it's gonna be a good morning.

Maybe I should have just named him Murderfish!

Flawless Victory

Oh my gosh I almost forgot what sunshine was like.

Yeah I went there.

So who out of here do you want to see on the team?