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Originally Posted by Netto Azure View Post
Oh look Napoleon has built another city. Good luck with that. o3o
Bah, who needs luck against Napoleon?

Originally Posted by mondays suck View Post
Maybe a bit off-topic, but one thing I really love to do in Civ IV is hamachi co-op games. Always fun. Well, except for things such as what to research next and who gets which city spot.

Who am I? And, more importantly, will we still be able to win this game with the bad diplomacy having had a war with everyone and not being too reluctant to raze bad cities (even the buddhist and confucian holy cities burned, to my defense I didn't even know that one of the misplaced cities I razed was holy until I noticed the -diplo points from it a while later) we know caused?
I think I may have to try a game over Hamachi in the near future.


Game 1 Update 29:


Oh, look, a Settler!

And back to building up a military.

This looks like a good spot for a city...

Oh, hey, a crossbowman.

And on to building another longbowman.

I forgot what I built here. Oh, well, on to build a galley.

Even more longbowman.

And now for a missionary.

End Update 29. 36 turns left to catch up.
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