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Brought to you by Sydian, Myrrhman and Karpman

What is this event?

The Challenge Royale is the Challenge of all Challenges. Those who sign up are put into two teams, Team Charizard or Team Blastoise, and the members of the two teams will compete head-to-head in a wide array of challenges, to see who completes their challenge first. While all of the head-to-head matcups are speed runs, the participant who finishes their "race" first, getting points, they also take aspects from other challenges, such as Nuzlockes and monotypes, but the goal remains true, finish your game in a shorter time than your opponent, to gain valuable points for your team. This event will take place throughout all 4 days of the Get Together, with the final results being posted on the last day.

Types of Challenges and Point Values

Below are the types of Challenges that you can take on, please remember that the main goal is to finish your playthrough before your opponent does, so you may not be able to grind [train] your Pokemon for hours on end.

-Nuzlocke Challenge: The Nuzlocke Challenge is a Challenge in which you only catch the first Pokemon you see in each area [a cave counts as one area, not each floor] and must release a Pokemon if it faints. Worth 5 Points.

-Solo Run: A solo run is a playthrough of a game, but with one Pokemon only [HM Slaves are allowed, but not in major battles]. Worth 4 Points.

-Duo Run: A Duo Run is essentially the same as a Solo Run, but the goal is to beat the game with 2 Pokemon instead of 1. Worth 3 Points.

-Monotype: A monotype challenge is a playthrough of a game using Pokemon that all share a common type. [For example, you can have Garchomp on a ground type team with Sandslash, even though Garchomp isn’t a pure/primary ground type]. Worth 2 Points.

-Trio Run: A Trio Run is essentially the same as a Solo Run, but the goal is to beat the game with 3 Pokemon instead of 1. Worth 1 Point.

Completion Requirements

To have completed a game, you must have fulfilled the criteria specified below, for the game that you're playing through, in your race.

-R/B/Y and FR/LG: Beat the Pokemon League
-G/S/C and HG/SS: Beat the Pokemon League once, Kanto is not requred.
-R/S/E: Beat the Pokemon League
-D/P/Pt: Beat the Pokemon League Once
-B/W: Beat the Main Story [Pokemon League+Plasma Castle]

Now how do I participate?

Just post with the application below, filled out.

Games available: [You can choose up to 3 games]
ROM/Hard Copy:
Preferred Type of Challenge:

This will be used to find you a suitable opponent to compete against, so that we can have fair matches that both parties are content with.


A Feather Short

Almost! Just a few minutes behind the other team in Challenge Royale, but we're all winners here, lil birdie. :]

Sky High

You won, but you should probably take a nap now. I'm sure you stayed up all night to finish first in Challenge Royale...congrats either way!


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