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    id like to just reinforce that your team is very weak to fire type moves and a drought team will give you lots of problems.

    and for your scizor i would reccomed putting pursuit on it so that you hit pokemon that try to switch out especially latios and latias. superpower is also highly recommended over brick break but if you cant get it, its ok. and if you cant get bug bite on scizor you could always go for u-turn. it helps to scout and pivot.

    furthermore, and adding on to the sand storm weakness, excadrill will be a major problem for your whole team. because of its sand rush ability its speed will double in the sand and it will be able to outspeed everything onnyour team. it can hit starmie super effectively, with x scissor, it hits scizor and magnezone with EQ, weavile and archeops with rock slide. the only pokemon on your team that wont take a super effective hit his haxorus, but it will still take massive damage considering its defense is mediocre.

    EDIT: i would also suggest dual chop > dragon claw because it can break subs and continue to do damage. also on weavile you could consider low kick to hit tyranitar harder, since he is a major threat to weavile.

    anyways i hope this helps =)