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Originally Posted by Schmutz View Post
I was four when I received my first ever video game, Pokemon Yellow. I was so awesome at it, even though I couldn't read half the words. In fact, I was SO AWESOME at it that I trained my Pikachu (and only my Pikachu) to level 70, had my brother evolve it through a trade, and then sobbed when Blue sent out his Sandslash at the Indigo Plateau. Ah, youth.
I lol'd at this. Good times.

So inspired by this thread, I just pulled out my GBC and am restarting Yellow as I type. I am flooded with memories from being 8 years old.

My fondest memory, though, is training an Abra, evolving it, then trading back and forth with my friend Cody to get an Alakazam. I think I got Ala to about level 70 by the time I was at the E4. I remember running out of PP on my attacks though so I had to beat Blue with Flash and Struggle.