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Thank you, Daydream. Might I take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed your piece, too? I was going to tell you in your own thread, but I'm afraid to say I couldn't muster the energy for a proper review. My commiserations for not placing higher; the competition was very fierce.

I quite liked Celebi, too. If I ever have need of her again in a story, you can rest assured she'll be coming back with the same personality.

Sirinian is probably, as Clarissa would have it, the world's most complicated simpleton; he's a sort of Neolithic Holden Caulfield, in that nobody understands him and he gets on my nerves. I'm glad I succeeded in making his character change natural; I'm aware that often that sort of thing can come across as contrived and sudden in short stories.

F.A.B. (Oh my God, I'm such a nerd and I really need to stop signing off like this.)

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