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Right - I've finally got the Raichu plushie I've been wanted for so long (thank YOU eBay!), and I've gotta shot of all my Pokémon plushies now! :D

The Mudkip one has to stay on the DS, because it won't stand up by itself (I think it's head is a bit too big for it's body to support ). The Pikachu one is the only official one I own - the other two are from China (just as huggable without the insane £25/$50US price tag). I got the Pikachu one in the Nintendo store when I went on a trip to New York last year, which was epic. My faaaaaaave is still Mudkip.

Now that I've got my Riachu <3 , I'm now on the lookout for Quilava, same as U_Flame. Sadly, I don't think an official one exists, but I saw some really good fan-made ones around. The best one I saw was this one: