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    I would be more than happy to give you the back sprites. The ones I have use the B/W pallets. So for Gens 1-3 I just recolored the current back sprite (except for a couple: Magnemite and Feraligatr because Mag has a couple extra colors and Feraligatr doesn't have a tail). Then I took the Gen 4 back sprites and just shrunk them to 64x64 by hand and recolored. Some one else on our forum made the backs for Gen 5, so I still have to go through them a little bit. The front sprites I have were not made by me, but were pulled from B/W, the 493 project here, as well as recolored versions of some sprites from a couple hacks here, I think Lilac and maybe Light Platinum.

    Here are examples of both the fronts and the backs that I have

    With the Originals for reference:

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