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    The one glaring weakness I see in this team is the huge fighting weakness. Pokemon like Terrakion can come in, set up and wreck this team apart. Sand and Rain absolutely destroys this team too, especially when they have Excadrill and Toxicroak, respectively. My only suggestion for now is to replace Gyarados with Gliscor as it seems to be randomly put there and the only thing I can see it do for your team is come in and set up on some fighting types. (Not Terrakion or Conkeldurr because they get Stone Edge) I also suggest Gyro Ball >>>>>>>>>>>> Payback on Forretress since Payback only hits Gengar and Chandelure hard. (Jellicent laughs with Will-O-Wisp.)

    I'll come back later. This is still a pretty solid team especially being your first gen V team.