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Hi there.

To put it simply, it is impossible for the raters here to rate your team well if you don't provide us with the proper information. We need to see the Items, Abilities, and EVs of each Pokemon along with a description. Otherwise, the rate we give you are going to be limited. :/ So, please edit your post with the necessary information as well as any changes to the Pokemon themselves.

Originally Posted by pknight96 View Post
Zoroark-Lv 100
Timid Nature
Night Daze
Focus Blast
HP Ice
I think we all know what Zoroark's ability is so.. that's not too big of a deal. But see, you need to tell us what items and EVs are equipped to Zoroark. Yes, this may look like a good set.. but we don't know if you have full EV investment in Defenses and the Griseous Orb, you know? Personally, I like Dark Pulse > Night Daze. Night Daze, being Zoroark's signature attack, pretty much defeats the purpose of disguising Zoroark in the first place. Besides, the lowered accuracy just isn't worth it, in my opinion. Anyway, U-Turn is a viable option for Zoroark. It would require some adjustment to the EVs and nature, but in essence, it is great for getting Zoroark out of the common switch-ins due to its frail defenses. It'll also hit threats like Scrafty for super effective damage. Sucker Punch is viable as well, which is pretty much mentioned because it's the strongest, and in Zoroark's case, STAB priority move. Protect is generally a good idea for Zoroark also. I recommend a Focus Sash, but I've seen the Life Orb work well also. 252 EVs are best put into Speed and Attack with 4 in HP. Overall, Zoroark does have an interesting niche (granted there's no Team Preview).. but he's severely outclassed by other Dark special sweepers with superior typing. ie: Hydreigon. If you want to know a good set for Hydreigon, don't hesitate to ask.

Originally Posted by pknight96 View Post
Haxorus-Lv 100
Relaxed Nature
Giga Impact
Again, EVs/Items/Abilities. Haxorus should exclusively be Adamant [+Attack; -Sp.Attack] or Jolly [+Speed; -Sp.Attack]. Also, Giga Impact is pretty much lost on Haxorus. It's best with Dual Chop (got it this time guys ;D) or Rock Slide with a Choice Band. Dragon Claw can also be used if you don't like the effects of Outrage. A Choice Band is a great option for Haxorus with 252 EVs in Speed and Attack.

Originally Posted by pknight96 View Post
Chandalure-Lv 100
Modest Nature
Shadow Ball
Energy Ball
Calm Mind
I'm going to stop mentioning the Items/Abilities/EVs thing and just assume that it's understood from this point forward. But, on a rather sad note, it's Chandelure. Nothing to do with the rate, just thought I would mention it. Modest is good, that is definitely a good place to be at. I suggest forgoing Flamethrower for something all out like Overheat to really get the most out of Chandelure in one big hit. Shadow Ball is also a good option as it's a reliable STAB attack. Energy Ball and Calm Mind don't seem to jive too well with Chandelure, however. I recommend replacing them with Psychic, Hidden Power [Ice], Protect, Heat Wave, heck you could ever run Imprision if you feel so inclined. I'm also going to stop recommending Items and EVs simply because I don't want to do the work for you. I just hope you understand that it's not because I don't want to help, it's because I want to know how much help you need.

Originally Posted by pknight96 View Post
Beeheeyem-Lv 100
Calm Nature
Light Screen
Small typo. It's Beheeyem. No big deal. Personally, I've never used Beheeyem.. so I'm going to do the best I can here, but if anyone else has a better set please feel free to say something. Beheeyem gets the most out of a Modest [+Sp.Attack; -Attack] nature. From what I understand, Beheeyem's dangerously high Special Attack and disastrously low Speed makes it a perfect Trick Room user and pretty much nothing else (especially a Trick Room lead). So Dual Screens doesn't seem to be so effective on this guy. Psychic is your primary STAB attack, but I see no reason why Psyshock wouldn't be any good. I just don't know how well it would work on Beheeyem in a competitive environment. Beyond that, Beheeyem seems to be an amazing contender for some real strategies. Ally Switch, signature to Beheeyem, can do a lot of unexpected things in competitive play, and I'm sure you can find a way to work Zoroark in there. As mentioned before, Trick Room is probably your best bet if you want Beheeyem to do something of any competitive value. For the last slot, I really have no answers for you. I've heard that Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball can be used for coverage, Imprison for other Trick Room teams, Protect for Stalling. Unfortunately, it seems that Beheeyem is yet another who is simply outclassed by other Psychic type Trick Room abusers. ie: Reuniclus. Again, if you want a good set for Reuniclus, just ask and the raters here can help you.

Originally Posted by pknight96 View Post
Darmanitan-Lv 100
Adamant Nature
Flare Blitz
Rock Slide
I think you have a pretty good set here, but it's hard to tell without all the necessary information. The nature and attacks are good though, so don't change those.

Originally Posted by pknight96 View Post
Ferrothorn-Lv 100
Adamant Nature
Gyro Ball
Leech Seed.
Adamant is.. not the best thing for Ferrothorn. Sorry to say. ;( Relaxed [+Defense; -Speed] is by far the best nature you can choose to capitalize on Ferrothorns innate Defensive capabilities. I mean.. Maybe Brave can be used if you want Ferrothorn to have a Choice Band or something.. but that is a sheer waste of his Defensive prowess and a real disservice to Ferrothorn. Besides.. you've got enough sweepers, don't you think? So, a standard Ferrothorn set would look like this: Spikes or Stealth Rock / Gyro Ball / Leech Seed / Power Whip with a Relaxed nature and Laftovers. Again, I know I said I wouldn't mention anymore items, but I did. Shed Shell can also work to avoid Magnezone. I'm still going to hold my ground about EVs though.

So.. please put all the necessary information into your team. Preferably styled like this:

Pokemon @ Item
EV Spread
- Move 1
- Move 2
- Move 3
- Move 4
**Short description of why you chose this Pokemon and what experiences you've had while battling.

I hope this team works out for you. There are still many, many things about this team that needs addressing like your blinding weakness to Dark and Ghost (chiefly because of Chandelure, Darmanitan, and Beheeyem), or your teams problems with Electric, Flying, and Dragon type moves (because most, if not all, of your Pokemon take neutral or super effective damage from them). But all those things can be worked out after you've fixed up your team. It's pretty obvious that you've done your homework here. Just keep it up and the raters can work with you to make all your Pokemon a powerful, cohesive unit.

Good luck!