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    Allow me to say, I am very, very happy that you decided to repost your team with the appropriate changes. Not a lot of people come back after the rates here give advice, and I think you're investment into your team is a reflection of how committed you are to competitive battling. I'm happy for you, and I also think you should be very proud of the team you have now. There are just a few things I'd like to cover with you first.. I highly recommend you try out this Team Builder. This will help you identify your teams threats by type. I think this will be a great asset for you and your competitive battling future! :D Now, let's move on.
    Yeah, I figured, I see a bunch of other threads like this on this forum, and most don't go on that long. And about the reflection, well... not that much really. I just really hate to be called a noob all the time when I lose real badly to people on B/W Wi-Fi. (I used rare candies all the time until I learned about EV's in January and IV's 3 days ago.) I 'm learning to be more critical about the natures and a Pokemon's born higher stat and it's moves. Thanks for the Team Builder by the way, I remember using it one time, but I forgot the link.
    Aggron is still UU and will probably always be UU. Unless it goes down a tier, of course. So, the question is, do you want a Pokemon that can replace Aggron? Because there are better options in the OU tier that do the same thing and have superior typing. This is completely up to you, as your team is now more prepared for a standard play environment. So if Aggron is your personal favorite Pokemon and you refuse to replace him with anything, that is fine. But, if you started battling competitively to win, and Aggron isn't working as it should, the raters here can suggest alternatives. Again, this is up to you. But, as far as your set is concerned, the only thing I have to say about it is; it's Jolly, not Joyful. :>
    Sigh... I guess I could replace Aggron, but I still might sneak it in every once in awhile. Just like Skarmory . Oh, and I just mixed up both of the "J-o's" J-o-lly, J-o-yful. See how it looks the same?
    For Metagross: Just use Leftovers. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Leftovers heals 1/16 of your overall HP. The Shell Bell heals 1/16 of however much damage you deal during an attack. So Leftovers is always a better choice for it's consistency.
    No, your right I looked it up on serebii, and that's exactly what is says.
    The Choice Band/Scarf is completely reasonable. There is a major deficit for using a Choice Item, but trust me, the benefits outweigh the shortcomings. Test it out, see if it works for you, if not, you can always try the Life Orb.
    Ok, I'll test it to see if it's OK
    Okay, Heatran has excellent typing. But it does have a few disadvantages. Like, its weakness to Water, Fighting, and most importantly, Heatran's x4 weakness to Ground. This is where the Air Balloon comes in. When the Air Balloon is held by a Pokemon, that Pokemon is immune to Ground type attacks and Entry hazards until that Pokemon is hit with an Attack. So, let's say you switch your Heatran into a Forretress. Forretress has had time to lay Spikes and Toxic Spikes and whatever other entry hazards it sports, so, when you switch Heatran in, Heatran will not take damage from those hazards. Then, Forretress uses Earthquake! But tough cookies for Forretress, because your Heatran has an Air Balloon and is immune to Earthquake. However, if an opponent pops the Air Balloon, Heatran is subject to all Ground attacks and entry hazards, so you best predict the best time to use it. Long story short, the Air Balloon provides Heatran (or any other Pokemon you attach it to) an immunity from Ground type attacks for one turn, more often than not.
    Ahhhhh... that's why you gave it the Air Balloon. I'm hoping that hacking to get right natures, fast egg breeding, hatching, and all items still makes it fair for other people...
    Your Gyarados set looks pretty good. The only thing I would do is replace Earthquake for Bounce or Ice Fang. The Water/Ground coverage is pretty mediocre. With Bounce, you'll have a good STAB attack, or with Ice Fang, you can deal with opposing Dragons. But it's not like Earthquake is the end of the world, you know?
    Ok, I'm going with Ice Fang
    I'm going to edit the list after this post

    Dragonite gets Multiscale. Which is infinitely superior to Inner Focus. It's really some of the very few things that separate Dragonite and Salamence. I recommend you revise your Dragonite set to something of a Bulky Attacking variant.
    Yeah, I know about that, but the only problem is that it's only found in the Dream World am I right?

    Thanks for the Dragonite set by the way it proves extremely useful in my current team
    Nice Skarmory set!
    Now, you're team as a whole doesn't have too many crazy weaknesses that aren't checked in one way or another. I ran your team through the team builder I linked you to above and with Dragonite on the team, there are no outstanding weaknesses. However, with Skarmory replacing Dragonite, three of your Pokemon are weak to Fire. So you're going to have to play around with what works best for you. If Skarmory is amazing and you must have it on your team, than we can work something out to replace Metagross or Aggron so you have a nice balance. Go ahead and play test. Then come back and let us know how it went. From there, you'll have a better idea of what you want/experienced and the raters will be able to give you better advice because we'll have a more diverse field to work with!
    Good luck!

    Actually, Aggron and Metagross is amazing to me :D
    Thanks for your help!