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    I am bored and I want to do something. I will only be availible on weekeneds cause of school....... Plus, i kinda deleted all of my hacking tools except for advanced map...... lol

    Job applying for:I'll try to do just a tiny bit of everything, but put me down as mapping. I could also do music editing, cause i have all of the hgss music also, Co-leader.
    Proof of Work: attached map..... thats it....
    Method of Contact: PM me, u can email me, but i prefer pm email: [email protected]
    Experience: I worked on something before....... I used to script, then i forgot.....

    I'm refreshing my memory on scripting, but for now, I am a intermediate mapper. I can't insert tiles, but I found a bunch of awesome ones.....

    I have an idea for a name for a major city, Akurian City. Every pokemon game has a major city! I have way more names, but i'm just sharing one cause I am not officially in the team yet....
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