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    Originally Posted by -ty- View Post
    How do you feel about self-proclaimed "straight-acting" gay guys who go out of their way to explain or show that they are manly, not effeminate, and even show disdain for transgender related things? Are they trying to seem less pejorative?

    I tend to like more masculine men, but I think it is a MAJOR turn-off when they go on to say that they don't look or appear gay, and they hate how other gay's flaunt their sexuality by acting effeminate. I think that like other minorities, this group wants to put another group beneath them. We see it with other minority groups. I think that it reveals a lot of insecurity with the person's sexuality. I have not seen much with lesbians though. Has anyone heard of "straight acting" lesbians? Lipstick lesbian doesn't necessarily mean that they are actively against masculinity in woman. I guess us gay guys are more b**tchy and mean to each other, haha.
    A lot of things here raised a few furs on my back. I quite frankly am one of those more masculine men xD Or supposively some type of "natural switch" thing or something o.o' But, my "masculinity" stems from my desire to be protective. I want to be strong so that I can back up my hubby and kids and so that I can take care of them. I'm also one of my school's poster child because I'll be graduating with 74 college hours and have a clear and distinctive collegiate path -.- And because of that pressure, I don't really get a chance to act "weak." I would never insult someone based on their own pride, although, I probably wouldn't go for a husband that's too effeminate ^-^' I like tough guys too ;.; Or goofy and plucky kiddos xD But, the point is that not all gays are jerks -.- Though I know plenty who are xD

    And for the actual topic: Eh. It's how they choice to act. I won't question their reasoning for it because it's their own choice to act how they wish. Not my type of guy to stress something so unimportant (imo), but I can somewhat relate to wanting to act manly o.o Just because I like being manly and consider it a part of my character xD I just don't go out bragging about it and knocking others around o.o

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