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Originally Posted by Archer View Post
Lindsay can't exactly have a deep role if she's only on for a few eps. Probably the reason for her really fast intro. :P They don't want to waste her limited time?
She still deserved better really! idk I didn't like her clothing which makes me bias against the whole thing. XD

Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post
This episode was amazing, well worth the wait!
To all of you who are saying Sugar is bad etc. She had a big twist and people think that it's the fact she can sing. Y'see, Big Spender wasn't released and wasn't known until the episode aired, however, she has recorded a song for the upcoming episode next Tuesday which will be released. Meaning if she couldn't sing they wouldn't release it. :)
Really? She can sing? That's disappointing. :( I was kind of hoping she'd just disappear and appear only to cause trouble to New Directions like Sue, 'cause she doesn't really seem like someone that would fit in ND imo. :x

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