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WARNING!: If you didn't see the episode yet... Skip my post. Now.

Wow, the second part of the season pilot was great. I enjoyed watching that. I mean seriously, it was a great conclusion for pilot episode. But, moving on. My opinions on that episode. What I noticed and/or caught my attention was multiple parts in the 21:59 video (non-commercial break).

#1.) First off, Flutterb***h was a annoying in my opinion. A bit rushed and played such a jerk until she was restored by the memory spell. When she was normal again and when they were chasing Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy caught my attention a second time right after Twilight said, "If we don't catch her, Discord wins!" Fluttershy replied, "THAT. BIG. DUMB. MEANIE!!" That I thought was, amazing.

#2.) For a few minutes in the episode, we saw into Twilight's depression. As we all saw, we noticed that her colors faded as well... this meaning she must of when into her reverse self. (Something we didn't see in the first part of the pilot.)

#3.) What the f*** with Big Macintosh in that one part... seriously. Randomness at it's finest.

#4.) Still no Princess Luna in sight, yet. I was a little disappointed at that though. Where is LUNA at?!

#5.) If anyone noticed the ending animation of the episode had another Sci-Fi Fantasy reference. Other than Discord being voiced by "Q" from Star Trek. The ending animation was a reference to the famous movie, Star Wars: A New Hope. Oh, yeah... it was. Here's a video that shows a side by side comparison of both the movie and the episode we watched.

In truth, the entire episode was great and I loved it. (The pilot episodes are always a favorite.) Now, we gotta wait for about two weeks or so for new normal season of MLP: FiM to start! I'm so ready for it! How about y'all?