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Okay, here's an updated bio for Crimson Streak.

Name: Crimson Streak
Age: 1 year
Gender: Female
Pony Type: Pegasus

Character Information:
Crimson was born in the Cloudsdale Hospital on a bright, sunny afternoon. Taking her first looks at the new world, the first thing she saw was her new mother and father looking at her; smiling brightly. Taking their new foal home then, Crimson curiously crawled all around White and Rainbow's home. The two looking at their daughter and were filled with pride. Growing older, she enjoyed practicing flying with her mother and father. She enjoys her big sister role in keeping her little bro, Prism out of trouble. She anticipates getting her cutie mark and finding out her true purpose in life.

Character Backstory:
"But Dad!" Crimson exclaimed, "Why do I have go to Junior Flight School?"
"Because I'm your father," White replied, "And I want you to succeed in life by being a good flyer. You're not just going to learn how to fly just like that."
"But, Mom did!" Crimson replied. White turned around to face his daughter.
"Your Mom was a rare case," White replied, "Don't take it for granted that you're going to be like your Mom."
"You said it yourself!" Crimson whined, "I'm basically a younger version of Mom!"
"You have your mom's spunk and tomboyishness, you're right," White replied, "But please, don't make this hard for me."

White led his daughter into the Junior Flight School building.
"Ah, if it isn't White Lightning!" a voice exclaimed, "One of our excellent alums!"
"Oh, hello Mr. Port." White replied, "Haven't seen you in ages."
"Who's this guy, Daddy?" Crimson asked.
"This is going to be your teacher at the Junior Flight School, Ship Port." White stated, "He's the best young flyer teacher in all of Equestria."
"This is your daughter, eh?" Mr. Port asked.
"Yes she is!" White said, running his hoof through her mane, "She's my pride and joy!"
"How old is she?" Mr. Port asked.
"She's a year old, Mr. Port." White replied. Mr. Port's smile faded into a frown.
"I'm afraid she's still too young to be enrolled." Mr. Port replied, leading them to the door, "Do come back when she's older." White gave Mr. Port an angry glare, leading his daughter out of the building.

White then dragged his daughter into the schoolhouse outside Ponyville.
"Come on dear, let's get this over with." White said. He opened the door and saw Cheerliee in the room.
"Hello, may I help you?" she asked.
"Yes, I'd like to enroll my daughter in school here." White replied.
"She's welcome here!" Cheerliee replied.
"SHE SURE IS!" a voice exclaimed. White and Crimson turned to see Sweet Treat at the door, with the CMC in toe.
"I'm sure you'll have fun here with Sweet Treat, dear." White said, walking towards the door.
"You want to join us for lunch?" Sweet Treat asked, "My mom made a whole bunch of delicious cupcakes!" Crimson nodded.
"Um...sure." Crimson replied, "That sounds great."
"Be good, sweetie." White said, looking his daughter in the eyes.
"Don't worry Dad, I will." Crimson replied. White flew back home as Crimson followed Sweet Treat and the CMC to the recess area.
"Wow! Your mom is Rainbow Dash!" Scootaloo exclaimed.
"Yes, my mom is Rainbow Dash." Crimson replied.
"That's so cool!" Scootaloo replied.

Suddenly, two small ponies walked up and snatched Sweet's lunch.
"Hey!" Crimson exclaimed, "What makes you think you can steal her lunch like that?!"
"Because I can, blank flank!" Diamond Tiara said, cackling. Crimson gritted her teeth angrily. She then took a bite of the cupcake and spit it out.
"Eww! Your mother can't cook!" Diamond Tiara exclaimed, stomping the cupcake flat on the ground. Crimson was ready to attack Diamond, then Sweet went into her "Devo" mode, causing damage to the area and scaring Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon away. As Sweet Treat regained control, Crimson walked up to her.
"Wow, you're awesome!" Crimson replied. Sweet turned to Crimson and gave a weak smile.
"I think I still have some cupcakes left," Sweet said, You guys want some!"
"YES!" Crimson and the CMC exclaimed.

Later that day, Sweet and the other CMC members welcomed Crimson as the 5th member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
"Together, we're going to get our cutie marks!" Scootaloo exclaimed, pushing her hoof forward, which was met with every other ponies.
"One...two...three..." Scootaloo said.
"CRUSADERS!" everypony exclaimed.

Character Chemistry:

- Positive Chemistry:
Rainbow Dash, White Lightning and Prism:
Well duh, they're her family, she has to love them.

Sweet Treat:
A fellow pegasus, the two enjoy hanging out with each other and having fun. She tries to defend Sweet Treat after Diamond Tiara picked on her, but Sweet's "Devo" mode took care of that. Crimson likes Pinkie's sweets and always likes that Sweet Treat brings a lot of sweet treats to share with her and the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

She and Scootaloo get along quite well. Being the leader of the CMC, Crimson respects Scootaloo and the two enjoy having fun. Crimson enjoys telling Scoots stories about her mom, since she idolizes Rainbow Dash so much.

Apple Bloom:
Crimson and Apple Bloom get along well too. She aspires to get her cutie mark like every other CMC member, and Crimson likes her sheer determination.

Sweetie Belle:
Crimson enjoys Sweetie Belle's company, expect when Sweetie wants to use her as a fashion model...

- Neutral Chemistry:
She only talked to her briefly, before going outside with Sweet Treat.

- Negative Chemistry:
Diamond Tiara:
Crimson hated Diamond Tiara after she insulted her for being a "blank flank" and making Sweet Treat cry.

Silver Spoon:
Being Diamond's best friend makes Crimson hate Silver Spoon too.

Extra Information: