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started everything

Name: Venus Nebulous

Nickname (Optional): Sun

Age: 16

Gender: Female


She is a happy, caring, passionate, young girl who loves the thrill of life aswell as the nice quiet times with a book in the morning, Moon and Sun. Light and Dark, she hates bug types and grass types, she loves fire types and flying. Although she has her flaws, A fear of Height, also she turns very shy after being bullied or told off. She is very peculiar as in she hates flying types but is scared of heights.

She was born in Hoenn, when she was little her parents had financial troubles, so her dad went to work at a PokéMart and then one day there was a fire and he got out saving a colleague, later they found out that it was a hot-headed Blaziken, her father captured it and tamed it, and decided to give his daughter when she was 14, Later She had a younger sister called Clare or Clarie. Then all attension was on Clare. She felt a bit left out but not much. then when she was 14, everything went downhill, untill, her dad gave her Blaziken, and she called it Blaze, and then she set of for an adventure.

2 years later she was walking to the Penultimate Gym when she got a call to come and see Bransife, so she went to the plane and started to go through security, and gave her Pokéball to the lady and then she dropped it and accidentally brung up an empty pokéball and gave it into the luggage
and then just as the cleaners were sweeping up they found Blaziken and asked the security person and they remembered who is was and sent the pokéball to the girls home, Venus was long gone. When arriving she found out she had an empty pokéball but she had nothing to pay for her to go back so she had to try and find another pokémon to use in Bransife.

Pokémon Species:
Moveset: (I see you forgot his moveset, there is a trend so I am assuming that this is the move set:) Pound
Level: 5

RP Sample: Taken from Pokémon: A New World, as Lily Rose

Lily leapt onto Shark and tugged him forwards, they reached the border and then hid in a caravan going to Acruel, when going near the castle wall she rid off and Paid a person to keep Shark safe, and she started to climb up the wall, every single step could mean her death, but normally if death is in her face, then she'll stare back, and death will go back in a staccato of fear, but this was different, Staring could not stop her from falling, or can it?

She reached onto the top, and jumped, history flashing before her eyes, when she held on firmly to a window carving in the building, it was locked. She started spinning the window, when it unlocked.

Carefully she hid her self in the window carving and waited for the right time to strike...


I love eevees. The trainer card is just to signify I want to start soon.
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