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    I Hope I'm not too late... I can't be any of the main angels obviously, but I think this character could fit into the story somehow...


    Sign-Up: Seraph the Rogue Angel


    Other Names:

    Codename: Shadow
    War Name:

    Possibly 15 to 20 by appearance. (Birth: Somewhere over 3500 years ago)

    Male ♂

    Rogue Dark Angel


    Seraph has Pale Light Skin, and a lightweight frame and figure. He looks to be around 6'0" or so, standing at his tallest. He is fairly thin, at about 160lbs in weight. His hair is white with a slight blue tint. It is somewhat long and covers most of his right eye. His eyes are a dead giveaway of who he is. His right eye is Pale Ice Blue While his right eye is Sapphire Blue with a Dark Red mark in it (See Above Picture). He could be wearing anything, but he was most commonly found in robes and Kimono-like costumes (A Kimono he might wear is shown below). His left ear is peirced with an Onyx-black cross (Picture Below), and he wears a silver and black cross necklace (Also Below). His weapon, a くさりがまKusarigama, a Sickle & Chain, is hanging prefectly at his side (Picture Below). His wings are black, but have a glossy texture about them. He is the only Dark Angel in history to have this odd texture of wings.

    WARNING: There are multiple ways to tell when his power increases. His right eye begins to turn more White, and his left eye begins to turn to a Midnight Blue.

    ALERT: If the red part of his left eye begins to grow, and more of his eye is red, RUN. LEAVE AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

    Kimono Picture:

    Earring Picture:

    Necklace Picture:

    Weapon Picture:

    Seraph is a very complicated person. Sometimes he can have a split personality, mood swings, etc., at any given moment. He has a temper, which he's somewhat good at containing. Though it is HIGHLY recommended that he is not angered. He can remain calm for the most part, but if a touchy subject is brought up, he could snap. People call him an "Unstable" and "Poisonous" person. Others might avoid him completely. This leads to loneliness and depression. He tends not to speak much unless he is very close to someone. He tries to be nice, despite his Dark roots. He believes in the theory of "Treat others how you want to be treated". He generally tries to be kind (though his mood can take effect) unless others are rude to him.


    Not much is really known about Seraph. There were traces of evidence that lead to an ancient war, many years ago. Somehow he was involved in this war. Then, he vanished, for over 3500 years, with not even a body or any evidence of existence. Searching had ended many years ago.

    Seraph's powers are hard to describe. It seems like he can fire raw life energy at others as an attack, and he has an expansive amount of power hidden within. There was research on how he unlocks it, with no results.

    Seraph is very mysterious, and he is rarely known. Most Angels alive today only know him from a legend.

    I know there is a lot of missing details to my Character. He will have a large and expansive background with lots of information. If you need to know more, sis, jsut PM me on here and ask whatever questions you need.

    Edit: Almost forgot the password...
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