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Name: Striker Lamos

Nickname: Lumi

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Well... he's not a hero or rival. So...

Personality: Lumi is kind of shy, but also caring. He will fight for his beliefs and to protect the ones he cares for, even at the cost of his own life. Lumi also is brave, willing to do what others may not wish to do. And he cares about others more than himself, dispite his shyness. He likes most Pokemon, being able to understand them and see all of them as something good.

History: Lumi is from Johto, he decided to leave Johto to get away from his sad childhood he had. He decided to move to a far away region to leave it behind. Though he got away from the region, the ship he was riding on crashed and Lumi was KO'd and drifted off to a region he had never heard of. After he learned what the region was called Brainsife, he was curious to find out more about the region do to it's unusal name. He had no previous experiance as a Pokemon Trainer, but he gained the Ability to understand what Pokemon say, so he learned about a little bit from the Pokemon that lived here. He lived in Aurnirford for about a year. Then he decided to ask Jane, the old lady that found him about a year earlier, if she could give him a Pokemon as birthday present. As he walked over to her house, he discovered that there were people already there. But he could tell that they were not good people, so he rushed into Jane's house to try and help her.

Pokémon Species: Pichu

Moveset: Pound

Level: 5

Theme: N's Farewell

RP Sample: Custom

Lumi told the old lady that found him about his tale. About everything that made his childhood such a terrible time of his life. He cried a little when he got to what happened to his family... but he managed to finish his story. "I don't really understand why I am so unlucky." Lumi stuttered.

started everything
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