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    I kinda have a random hypothetical question for you guys..

    What if you had like.. a really close friend. Like a BEST friend, that you told all your secrets to. This friend had known you for years and you had that sort of mutual love for each other. Like a brother/ sister.. someone you can rely on and that you could really trust.
    What if you were being honest and came out to them.. and then they told you that they wanted to be honest and had a secret hatred for LGBT and the respective community? And they were unwilling to waiver that feeling- let's say they told you "My feelings on this are as strong as your feelings towards your sexuality."

    What would you do?

    Well I'm genderfluid, and so this can mean I can be more masculine one moment and more feminine the next...and I can remember how violently some people right here on PC reacted when I decided to just switch to female and stick with that a while. :<
    Actually you claimed that a female entity/ person lived inside of you and that we (the rest of the community) weren't allowed to address you by your regular name (the name on your birth certificate) nor your username because "she was coming out and taking over." You would refuse to explain the reason for this and ridicule others for not understanding why they couldn't call you by the name they had used for years. It wasn't mostly violent, but many people felt you were disregarding and making fun of people with an actual identity crisis or split personalities- they felt you were mocking them. That's why many got frustrated at you, and yes some may have attacked you.. but it wasn't just for "genderbending." I don't appreciate that you are omitting the details to make the community look bad when you were just as guilty as some of them were. As you can see by this thread, there are many members here that are wholly supportive of changing gender roles- especially if it isn't just for an act like some genderbending members around here.
    I know for a fact I personally tried very hard to understand you- and I did raise many questions for you that were probably uncomfortable through PM- but I wasn't from your world and those were questions I indeed had and were very valid, in my opinion. However, you just blocked me.
    I don't mean to have called you out, but I felt I needed to clarify my perspective of the situation.
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