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    Yes, SO perfect, thank you!! :D A DB RP is long-awaited!!

    Fang Breigh

    19 years old

    Male ♂


    Power Level:

    Fangi wears a male kimono that is midnight blue and black, with a slight Indigo pattern on it. He has light pale skin, and bright white hair with a pale blue-ish tint. His right eye is Icy Light Blue and his left eye is deep sapphire blue, with a red splotch on the nose-side of his left eye. He doesn't smile often, and keeps a neutral expression. His eyes are soft, however contrasting each other. At first glance, he looks weak and innocent. But He'll destroy any enemies with his blinding speed and precision. He has a single earring on his left ear. This earring could work in fusion, if someone had an earring too. Unless someone else finds one earring, it's worthless. His daggers are sheathed on his back, crossed together. He wears either sandals, or he goes barefoot.

    Dual Blades (Two daggers, one carried in each hand)
    Fighting Style: Wolf (Secret Kung-Fu style, learned from actual wolves)

    Fang is usually quiet. Very little annoys him, because he's very passive about most things. Most things, because ther are few subjects that could really piss him off. Such subjects could be family, love, or animal abuse. There are others, but they are random and will be noted when brought up. Kazuki is kind to others unless they are cruel to him or someone he cares about. He generally believes in "Do unto others as you want done unto you". Once he actually gets to know someone, he'll talk with them more. His two deepest flaws are his temper and his sensitivity. He can go into a rage (though sometimes this brings more power) and it's hard to make him relax. He is very sensitive, and he takes most things to heart. He has low self esteem, with an exception to fighting. He tends to be modest and has generally good morals.

    Fang was born in the past. Unknowingly, he is the son of Future Trunks (From the Android Saga), in an alternate timeline, where the androids were defeated by Gohan and Trunks, without the use of time travel. Everything had returned to normal. Trunks found the woman of his dreams and together they made a boy, to which they named "Kazuki". Years later, two new androids showed up, 19 and 20. As a last resort, Trunks sent his son into an alternate future, using the only time machine capsule made. This happened when Kazuki was only 3 months old. In the future, where all was safe, he was raised by a family that had adopted him finding him alone in the capsule, crying. They raised him but did not pay much attention to him. They were more worried about their own kids. So Kazuki tended to walk around aimlessly, most of the time he'd examine forest animals, and learn fighting styles and moves from them. He loved watching foxes, rabbits, ferrets, cats, dogs, and many animals, but none more than the wolves. At age 11, he befriended a lost wolf puppy, and from that point on, he left his adopted family and lived with the wolf, who he called he brother, naming him "Light". The wolf had a full white pelt and sparkling amber-yellow eyes. The boy and the wolf began to form a sort of conversation, soon becoming able to understand one another through barks, noises, and movements.

    Instant Learning. Due to Fang's methods of learning, he also learns fighting styles and other non-blast techniques, from those he watches.

    Signature Moves:


    ~Alteration: Fang's Spirit Ball is fast and easy to control, and glows a light indigo instead of Yamcha's orange version.
    ~~In the future, may learn Super Spirit Ball

    ~Alteration: Fang crosses his arms over his chest and stands up straight as the explosion blows everything near him away.
    ~~In the future, may learn Super Explosive Wave

    Ultimate Attack:
    Wolf Fang Finish (Custom)
    Fang's invented move, beginning with a Wolf Fang Fist (A barrage of fast-hitting ki-powered and wolf-inspired punches and kicks) and finishing with a Spirit Punch, a devastating finishing move that involves packing a lot of Ki into a single, well-aimed punch.

    "Dragon dragon Dragonball Z!"

    Fang tends only to fight if there's no other option. Being a calm and gentle soul, he'd much rather try to settle differences in peace.

    NOTE: If you want me to change anything, please let me know. Other than that, I think Fang could be an interesting part of this Role-Play... Also, you have no idea how tempted I was to put Power lever as "9001" so I could say it's OVER 9000!!! Oh, and today is actually the anniversary of the meme "It's OVER 9000!!!", go figure!